Whiskey Throttle is a high energy Rock and Roll Cover band that is based in Kingman, AZ and plays a variety of Current and Classic Rock hits.

Under the hood of Whiskey Throttle is a well-oiled machine made up of some of the area’s top musicians. No drama no hassle, no ego, just 4 (ab) normal guys (and gal) with a great sense of humor. They are 100% professional in all aspects and are very easy to work with. They are more than willing and able to adapt themselves to whatever situation you may have, or whatever is appropriate for your event. Whiskey Throttle works hand in hand with the venue, promoters, sound engineers, bartenders and everyone else involved to ensure that every show is as successful as possible.

Whiskey Throttle Members

          Buddy Taras                          Victor DePrater 



Val Tanner                              Tony Tanner